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Most popular Turnboards and Spinboards in a variety of styles by Superior Stretch and Ballet Is Fun.

Ballet Is Fun TurnBoard TB1

Ballet Is Fun TurnBoard TB1: Master your pirouettes by practicing on the Ballet Is Fun TurnBoard! Designed to have little friction, the TurnBoard will aid you in completing full or multiple rotations while you focus on spotting, balance, and posture. Size: 11 long.

Superior Stretch SpinBoard Releve Turning Disc SPREL

Superior Stretch SpinBoard Releve Turning Disc SPREL: Turning Disc for intermediate and advanced dancers or others wanting to improve their leg, core and arm positioning while on Releve. The round disc allows dancers to improve their pirouettes and turns with the supporting foot raised up on the ball of the foot (Releve). Choice of colors available.

Superior Stretch Pirouette Dance SpinBoard SP1

Superior Stretch Pirouette Dance SpinBoard SP1: Practice your spins on this Superior Stretch pirouette SpinBoard featuring high quality construction made with industrial materials and a comfortable non-slip foam pad. It allows for spotting practice and helps support proper body and arm position. SpinBoard was designed as a training tool for Dancers and Ice Skaters. The ultimate in practice and value turnboard!

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