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Most popular Yoga Stretch Wheels by Suffolk and FLX for sale online in a variety of styles and sizes.

Suffolk Yoga Wheel 1587

Suffolk Yoga Wheel 1587: Aiding in back posture and injury prevention, this yoga wheel is a must have. This incredibly versatile yoga wheel has many benefits including enhancing balance, flexibility, and strength. Size: One Size

FLX Small Yoga Wheel FLXWHES

FLX Small Yoga Wheel FLXWHES: Mini sized yet effective! The FLX small yoga wheel is perfect for all levels of flexibility, and can aid in improving balance and allowing for a full front-body stretch. The size is ideal for massaging target areas of the body.Try the large yoga wheel for spine and back exercises! Wheel measures 5" wide and 6" in diameter.

FLX Large Yoga Wheel FLXWHEL

FLX Large Yoga Wheel FLXWHEL: The large FLX yoga wheel is designed to improve dancers' balance and allows for a full body stretch while opening the chest, shoulders, back, and hip flexors. The large sized wheels fits along the spine, and is perfect for rolling exercise work to alleviate back and shoulder pain. Try the small wheel for a more targeted body stretch! Wheel measures 5" wide and 12.5" in diameter.


FLX Yoga Block FLXBLO: Great for dancers and yogis alike, the FLX yoga block supports and deepens your stretch! It is strong enough for over-splits and calf stretches but soft enough for back support. The block is portable and lightweight, and composed of high-density EVA foam that provides firm support for the body and range of motion. Block measures 3" x 6" x 9"

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