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Danzcue Shoes

Women's and Children's Danzcue Dance Shoes ballroom and jazz dance shoes, ballet slippers, and dance sneakers for sale online in a variety of styles.

Danzcue Women's Pointe Shoes Standard Hard Shank with Ribbon

Danzcue Women's Pointe Shoes Standard Hard Shank with Ribbon: The pointe shoe is designed for the advanced students, teachers and dancers. Ideal for dancers. The shoe provides medium support, and the U-throat will look graceful as you perform.

Danzcue Women's Straps Satin Ballroom Dance Shoes

Danzcue Women's Straps Satin Ballroom Dance Shoes: "X" style straps can be worn in two ways either across the ankle and through the strap loop at the back of the heel or across the top of the foot and around the bottom of the shoe. Adjustable buckle is attached to the strap and slip locks into place for easy on and off without the need to adjust the length each time. Suede sole bottoms allow for smooth movement on the dance floor with sufficient amount of texture for friction when turning. These shoes are appropriate for ballroom, latin, rhythm, and social dances such as cha cha, rumba, samba, paso doble, jive, bolero, mambo, salsa, swing, night club two step, west coast swing, merengue, and bachata. Choice of TAN or BLACK.

Danzcue Womens Lace Up Tap Shoes

Danzcue Womens Lace Up Tap Shoes: This quality tap shoe features a split sole design for maximum flexibility , a lace-up front for a custom fit, a padded collar for comfort, and a rubber non-slip pad to keep you stable while performing. A great choice for both beginners and pros.

Danzcue JAZZSOFT Adult Lace Up Jazz Shoes

Danzcue JAZZSOFT Adult Lace Up Jazz Shoes: Flexible leather material for comfort and flexibility. Split sole, non-slip EVA sole patch and heel for better support. Lace-up design allows for adjustable yet secure fit. Flat heel provides good stability. Great entry level. Choice of BLACK, WHITE, or TAN.

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