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Popular Flexistretcher products for dancers in a variety of styles.


Flexistretcher FLEXISTRETCHER FS1: Are you looking to improve extension? Obtain a higher arabesque? Finally have a full split? Originally designed by a professional dancer for use in some of the world's top ballet companies, the Flexistretcher is an indispensible component of any athlete's fitness arsenal. Harnessing the power of elastic resistance, the Flexistretcher safely improves flexibility while simultaneously strengthening the muscles as they stretch. Unlike other stretching aids, the Flexistretcher is lightweight and portable, but is built to withstand daily use by professional dancers and athletes. Instructions are included, but visit for instructional videos, new stretches, workout routines, and important safety information. The upgraded design now features custom parts, a mesh carrying bag, and sleek easy-to-follow instructions! With an anti-slide design created by custom connecting hardware and rubber ends, you'll have the most effective and stable stretch possible.

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