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Latest Huggalugs Legwarmers and leg ruffles for sale online in a variety of styles.

Huggalugs Adult/Girls Purpleberry Legwarmers

Huggalugs Adult/Girls Purpleberry Legwarmers: LegRuffles by Huggalugs are a great addition to any practice or performance outfit! These adorable legwarmers are knitted with a soft, cotton blended yarn. The ruffled design adds some girly flair, and who doesn't love a bold splash of color! Size: 20 in.

Huggalugs Adult/Girls Vintage Vanilla Legwarmers

Huggalugs Adult/Girls Vintage Vanilla Legwarmers: These vintage LegRuffles by Huggalugs will add a touch of sophistication to your practice or performance outfit! These adorable ruffle and lace trimmed legwarmers are approximately 20 inches in length and are knitted with a soft, cotton blended yarn. Size: 20 in.

Huggalugs Candy Sparkle Leghugger

Huggalugs Candy Sparkle Leghugger: Introducing a designer way to hug little legs and arms in comfort and colour. Designed by Elizar Clare, Huggalugs are easy to pull on under or over pants or skirts. Great at nudie bum time for a leg cover that doesn't get in the way of toilet dashes! Handy for quick weather and temperature changes- so easy to slip on arms and legs. One size fits most from birth to big kids up to the thigh. Approximately 13 long. Size: One size.

Huggalugs Child Ballet Pink Legruffles

Huggalugs Child Ballet Pink Legruffles: There comes a time in every little girl's life where all the best things are simply girly. Adorable Leg ruffles are legwarmers knitted with a cotton blend yarn, giving a soft, flowing feel to the touch. Approximately 14 long. Size: One size (Baby-Larger Child).

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