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Most popular Kryolan dance accessory products for sale online including body and shoe makeup.

Kryolan Aquacolor Body and Shoe Makeup K1101

Kryolan Aquacolor Body and Shoe Makeup K1101: This multi-use makeup is a must-have for ballerinas and dancers worldwide! Aquacolor is a glycerin-based compact makeup and comes in eight vivid, skin-matching shades - perfect to use as a flawless foundation or to paint over pointe shoes. Simply apply with a moistened sponge or brush, and gently buff in with a soft towel, after drying. Aquacolor is smudge-proof but washes off with soap and water.

Kryolan Ultra Setting Spray K9291

Kryolan Ultra Setting Spray K9291: Don't let a makeup meltdown ruin your performance! The Ultra Setting Spray by Kryolan is a must-have and features a fine, mist spray, a quick-dry formula, and keeps your makeup protected and resistant to moisture. For cream foundation, make sure the makeup is powdered before using the setting spray. Setting spray contains a low amount of alcohol and should not be applied near sensitive areas such as the eyes, nostrils, or mouth. Size: 50 ml.

Kryolan Toe Shoe Makeup 1101KTS

Kryolan Toe Shoe Makeup 1101KTS: For years, ballerinas worldwide have applied Kryolan aqua color with a slight pale pink tint to their toe shoes to cover the shiny-inch satin material. Now you can apply the same magic-inch to your pointe shoes. All sales are final.Size: 0.5 oz.

Kryolan Self-Adhesive Body Jewels K307801

Kryolan Self-Adhesive Body Jewels K307801: Glam up your costume by adding these stick-on body jewels by Kryolan! Simply remove jewels from the sheet and press in place onto clean skin. For extra durability, use lash adhesive.

Kryolan Waterproof HD Skinliner K19090

Kryolan Waterproof HD Skinliner K19090: Perfect your cat eye with this precise liner tool by Kryolan - featuring a soft, silicone tip for easy application, and a waterproof, smudge-free formula. Can be used as a lip or eye liner.To extend the life of your Skinliner, simply pull out the tip, turn it around, and replace it. This will restore the original precision.

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