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Motionwear Dancewear

Latest Motionwear leotards and dancewear, gymnastics apparel, and cheerleader uniforms styles for women and girls.

Motionwear Classic Camisole Leotard

Motionwear Classic Camisole Leotard: Our classic Camisole Leotard is a gorgeous garment that highlights a dancer’s hard-earned physique. Its complimentary neckline is appropriately modest, and its V-back, accentuates graceful back lines. Structured to provide great fit and with leg openings that maximize comfort, this leotard stays in place during the most rigorous routines. Available in CHILD and ADULT sizes.

Motionwear Rhinestone Shimmer on Sides of Shorts

Motionwear Rhinestone Shimmer on Sides of Shorts: Low rise shorts feature a low front rise that falls around the hips accented with a rhinestone spray on the sides. Constructed of soft, durable silkskyn. Black. Child Sizes.

Motionwear Low Rise Boot Cut Jazz Pants

Motionwear Low Rise Boot Cut Jazz Pants: One of Motionwear's best selling pant styles, these pants offers a modest rise and straight jazz leg.

Motionwear Overlay Halter Leotard

Motionwear Overlay Halter Leotard: one of our most flattering dancewear styles, and it harkens back to a glamorous era. The wide neck strap provides superb comfort, with a smaller binding strap underneath that offers extra support while dancing. Leg openings also offer comfort and stay in place during the most demanding performances. Available in your choice of colors.

Motionwear Roll-Top Shorts

Motionwear Roll-Top Shorts: lexibility to wear as a high rise or low rise short. Can easily wear with varied lengths of tops to create the perfect dance outfit.

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