Ballroom dancer design personal checks for sale online. These Designer Checks cost the same price or less than what the bank would charge for regular generic checks.

Ballroom Dancer Silhouettes Checks
Ballroom Dancer Silhouettes Checks ~ 4 images. Matching address labels also available.

Steamy Tango Checks
Steamy Tango Checks ~ In this romantic two-step, the partners meld together and move as one, in a flirty lead and follow routine. The couple in this collection have got all the right moves for this groove. Their passionate dance is the centerpiece in the four dance themed illustrations in this series. Add some movement and spice to your wallet with these personal checks.

Ballroom Dancing Checks
Ballroom Dancing Checks ~ Four unique images illustrate different dance genres from romantic ballroom dancing to sexy salsa. Share your love of dance when you carry these fun dance checks in your checkbook.

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