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Most popular women's Bailar by B Dancewear leotards, skirts, shorts, and leggings for sale online in a variety styles.

Womens Straight Dance Skirt by Bailar Dancewear

Womens Straight Dance Skirt by Bailar Dancewear: fits to your body giving a sophisticated look, while maintaining a short and sassy feel. Our skirt comes just far enough down to insure coverage, while also fitting closely to the body. With a comfort waistband and slits in the side, you will stay comfortable throughout your dance performance. 14 colors.

Womens High Waist Dance Pants by Bailar Dancewear

Womens High Waist Dance Pants by Bailar Dancewear: The design gives balance and symmetry to your body, giving style and grace to your dance. Snug in the thighs and waist our boot cut pants flair out from the knee down, and also feature a waist band that can be pulled up for two distinct looks. Similar to jazz pants but with a foldable waist, it's a more modern take on traditional jazz pants.

Bailar Women's Capri Dance Pants

Bailar Women's Capri Dance Pants: fantastically stylish, with a dash of innocence, and the comfort of your warmest pajamas. They are similar to regular Dance Leggings, but they stop just below the knee showing off your beautiful dance calves. Capri Dance Pants pants are more popular than ever, and with 14 colors to choose from you can pick the perfect look for your dance.

Bailar Dancewear Womens Jazz Pants

Bailar Dancewear Womens Jazz Pants: A traditional style that gives symmetry to the body; they give the casual feel that has become standard dancewear for every occasion. Snug in the thighs and waist our jazz pants flair out from the knee down, giving a look of balance and insuring comfort. A must have for any dancers closet; this item can be worn onstage, in practice, or throughout your day. 14 colors to choose from.

Womens Biker Glove by Bailar

Womens Biker Glove by Bailar: Start at the mid upper arm and travel down past your wrist, covering your hand with just your fingers and thumb peeking through. This glove is perfect for showing your inner rebel, while still keeping your lines squeaky clean to help impress the judges. 14 colors.

Womens V Glove by Bailar Dancewear

Womens V Glove by Bailar Dancewear: gives its wearer an aura of elegance and grace, and is our most popular glove. It starts from the mid arm and angles down to a loop that secures around your finger holding it in place. With 14 of colors to choose from, you can find the perfect match to pull your costume together.

Bailar Womens Arm Sleeve

Bailar Womens Arm Sleeve: Our arm sleeves help to take your outfit from ordinary to extraordinary by pulling your costume together, and making it unique. They go from the wrist to the mid upper arm, leaving your palms free for floor work. Our arm sleeves are cut longer than most, insuring that long elegant visual appeal throughout your performance.

Womens Angle Dance Skirt by Bailar

Womens Angle Dance Skirt by Bailar: This skirt is cut at an angle to expose more leg on one side, and comes down to just above the knee on the other side. The Angle Dance Skirt can be pinned up higher on the short side to give extra pizzazz to your dance performance. 14 different colors.

Bailar Womens Low Rise Brief

Bailar Womens Low Rise Brief: Low rise briefs give you just enough coverage, while still allowing the perfect amount of your stomach and legs to be revealed. Similar to traditional briefs but with a lower waist, they are made with soft elastic around the legs, and a one inch band to keep you comfortable throughout your dance. Our low rise briefs are the perfect dancewear to keep coverage while wearing anything with a low back or that sits low on the hips. With so many colors and fabrics these briefs are stylish enough to be worn by themselves.

Womens Regular Brief by Bailar Dancewear

Womens Regular Brief by Bailar Dancewear: The perfect cut, with just enough length to cover the bottom of your stomach. These briefs are the Goldilocks of our briefs, with more coverage then our low rise briefs, and less coverage then our high rise briefs. Our design will keep what you want covered, while still revealing that long lean waist. With 14 color options to make your briefs in, it will be easy to find the perfect match.

Bailar High Waist Briefs

Bailar High Waist Briefs: A popular style of briefs, that gives the wearer that fashionable high waisted runway look, well concealing the stomach. Briefs show more leg to excentuate their length and slenderness, well still keeping the perfect fit. Our briefs can be worn traditionally or folded down for a low rise look, giving you two briefs in one.These briefs are stylish by themselves, or worn underneath a garment to give you the coverage you need to complete your look. 14 colors.

Bailar Adult High Waist Dance Shorts

Bailar Adult High Waist Dance Shorts: One of the most popular new styles that we have, it gives that runway look of high waist fashion that everyone craves. These shorts help give the visual appearance of longer legs, because they are cut slightly higher in the front of the leg. They have a 1" inch band that holds them into place, making sure you feel secure and that you keep that stylish runway look throughout your dance. 13 color choices.

Bailar Womens Dance Shorts

Bailar Womens Dance Shorts: Our Regular Dance Shorts are the classic dance short style, and are slightly more conservative than booty shorts. They are perfect by themselves or as a compliment to other items. Our Regular Dance Shorts sport a comfortable 1" waistband, to keep them secure and in place throughout your dance, keeping your mind free to focus on your performance. Regular Dance Shorts give you extra coverage to insure a more traditional feel to your dance. These Regular Dance Shorts are high enough quality to be worn for competition, soft and durable enough to be worn every-day. 14 color options.

Bailar Booty Shorts

Bailar Booty Shorts: Trendy low rise dance shorts, perfect worn by themselves, or under other dancewear to give you coverage where you need it most. Our booty shorts sport a comfortable 1" waistband, which will ensure they don't ride down. Booty shorts give you more coverage then briefs, giving your dance that modern feel, while still keeping that classic look. Our booty shorts are high enough quality to be worn for competition,yet soft and durable enough to be worn every day. Your choice of 13 different colors.

Bailar Womens Dance Leggings

Bailar Womens Dance Leggings: hug every contour of your body, showing the flow and elegance of your legs. They go from the hips down to the ankle, and feature a snug comfortable fit. Similar to tights but they are made with high quality fabric, insuring they will last time after time. 14 colors to choose from.

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