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Suffolk Pointe Shoes

Most popular Suffolk Pointe Shoes dance accessory styles for sale online including pointe shoes, ribbon, and elastic.

Suffolk Adult Solo Pointe Shoes SOLO

Suffolk Adult Solo Pointe Shoes SOLO: The Solo-inch by Suffolk has a medium profile, aligns the foot and assists the dancer to go en pointe. The strong, stable box has a lower vamp in the perfect U-shape. The elegant line of the shoe and slight taper of the box allows the shoe to mold to the dancer's foot. This shoe shank is available in light, standard, or hard. The standard shank is a 2mm board and the hard is a 2.5mm board. Please specify when ordering. Ribbons not included.Color: European Pink.

Suffolk Sewing Tube 1525

Suffolk Sewing Tube 1525: This sewing tube by Suffolk contains waxed, 100% nylon thread, two sewing needles, and a self-contained stainless cutter. Cutter made to not dull, allowing for a clean cut with each use. A dance bag must-have! Size: 78 yds.

Suffolk Bolt of 1 Woven Elastic 1515

Suffolk Bolt of 1 Woven Elastic 1515: 1-inch wide bolt of elastic to sew your pointe shoes. Matches Suffolk brand pointe shoes. Size: 36 yds.

Suffolk Double Sided Ribbon Set 1507

Suffolk Double Sided Ribbon Set 1507: Comes with 2 pieces of double-sided ribbon that matches the Suffolk pointe shoes. Size: 45-inch long (each).

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