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Most popular Fuzi Ballet Shoes for sale online in a variety styles.

Fuzi 3/4 Shank Pointe Shoes

Fuzi 3/4 Shank Pointe Shoes: Fuzi's 3/4 shank pointe shoes are suited for nearly all arch types and feature a very flexible shank that is fully supportive en pointe, a pink satin upper and a leather sole. These pointe shoes make it easier to rise up and hold balance.

Fuzi Canvas Split Sole Ballet Shoes

Fuzi Canvas Split Sole Ballet Shoes: Fuzi's canvas split-sole ballet slippers feature a canvas upper, a cotton lining, and pre-sewn elastics. The soles are sewn pre-arched to hug the feet completely and are hand stitched with no bumps underneath to maximize comfort.

Fuzi Pre Arched Pointe Shoes

Fuzi Pre Arched Pointe Shoes: Fuzi's pre arched pointe shoes feature a wider toe box with a small cushion in the tip, a low u-vamp, a soft lining, and lowered sides. New technology greatly reduces noise and makes the shoe more flexible while still staying strong.

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