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Flexi Lexi Activewear

Women's Flexi Lexi dance fitness, workout, and yoga clothing for sale online in a variety of styles including leggings and sports bras.

Flexi Lexi Flexi Dancer Leggings

Flexi Lexi Flexi Dancer Leggings: Add a pop of vibrant color and fun print to any ensemble with the Flexi Lexi Flexi Dancer Legging in Herringbones Ombre. This ballet inspired legging features a charming Herringbones Ombre print, with ties that wrap elegantly from calf to ankle. Made of a silky, soft fabric, with 4-way stretch, and quick dry technology, this legging allows you to move freely and comfortably.

Flexi Lexi Luna Bralette

Flexi Lexi Luna Bralette: Feed your strappy obsession with the Luna Bralette from Flexi Lexi Fitness. Sexy yoke straps in back highlight all the hard work you have put into your practice. Most enjoyable when worn alone, the Luna Bralette also looks stylish and sexy under low or open back tops. Wear for yoga and sweaty workouts where you will appreciate the low coverage.

Flexi Lexi Ombre Flexi Yoga Leggings

Flexi Lexi Ombre Flexi Yoga Leggings: The Flexi Lexi Ombre Yoga Pant is cotton candy sweet in this lovely purple to pink ombre fade. Enjoy a peaceful Sun Salutation in the soft colors of sunrise and sunset with this feminine and flattering legging.

Flexi Lexi Peek-a-boo Flexi Yoga Pants

Flexi Lexi Peek-a-boo Flexi Yoga Pants: Peekaboo! The white and meshy leggings offer a sleek and sexy surprise. The Peek-a-boo Flexi Yoga Pants from Flexi Lexi Clothing has mesh panels that encircle your leg at mid-thigh and knees for a daring reveal.

Flexi Lexi Stella Bralette

Flexi Lexi Stella Bralette: A strappy bralette never goes out of style and this Flexi Lexi Stella Bralette in Black is a timeless design. Created with a chic strappy back design and flexible fabric, this bralette is flattering and offers light support as you flow through yoga class.

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