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Body Sole Comfort

Latest Body Sole Comfort dancer's foot cushion products for sale online in a variety of styles.

Body & Sole Comfort Foot Armour Cushion MK1

Body & Sole Comfort Foot Armour Cushion MK1: Ease your feet with these dynamic polymer gel cushions for all day comfort and blister prevention. Simply peel off the backing and stick to your clean and dry skin. Remove at the end of day, wash with water and a mild soap, let dry and adhere to the original plastic packaging and they become sticky again! Can be used anywhere on your foot or inside your shoe and has a specially designed notch so it sits perfectly on the most common sore spots such as the ball of the foot, top of the foot and the Achilles. Each package contains one pair.Size: One Size, 1 Pair of Foot Cushions

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